5th September 2019


That’s how I will describe this shooting.

Location: Stromboli, Italy

This Island is magical.

Growing up in Croatia and being proud of that crazy blue colour in contrast with light stones or sand…

On Stromboli everything is opposite. Volcano, situated in the middle made the sand on the beach looks black, water so so warm and the see so salty and saturated with who knows how many minerals… Incredible experience.

When the night comes there is no public lights … again, super dark but night sky shine in all its glory.

Except… I love to see what is under me when swimming in the sea … On Stromboli, you can only wander! 🙂

Magical experience

Photographer: Francesco Chiappetta
Model: Myrtille Revemont Elite models
Hairandmakeup: Kristina Pavlov
Brand: Balneaire
Style: Fedor
Video: Gabriell Dimola
Assistant: Pietro Ligabo, Matteo Pirrone

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